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24-Hour Time Release Patch


Made with pharmaceutical grade pressure sensitive adhesives that are made to work with the body to release cannabidiol into your system passing through all seven layers of the dermis and into the bloodstream. The specific combination of the formulations allows a controlled and constant dose over time.

  • Constant and Accurate Dosing During 24-Hour Period
  • Pharmaceutical Grade. Made from USA hemp extract
  • Place anywhere on the body, not just a spot treatment
  • Can be cut into smaller sizes for smaller dosing making one patch multiple doses
  • Buy 5 CBD Time Release Patch (Save $20)

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  • How To Use
  • Lab Reports
  • Ingredients

* Polymer Blend.

* Cannabidiol (CBD).

* Turmeric Curcumin.

* Boswellia Serrata.

* Menthol.

Step 1

Using the provided alcohol wipes, clean the area you wish to apply the patch to.

Step 2

Peel the clear plastic from the patch.

Step 3

Apply the patch to the cleaned area.

Step 4

Apply pressure to the patch for 30 seconds, pressing firmly against the skin.

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